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Government of Canada promotes global investment in the country’s world-class aerospace sector

Minister Bains leads delegation at 2017 International Paris Air Show and marks the creation of more than 190 well-paying jobs; Click to read the full article.

CCAA at the ATAC Symposium on Pilot Recruitment

Presenting extracts from CCAA’s report on labour market information for aviation and aerospace with regard to pilots, CCAA’s Mike Doiron took part in ATAC’s Pilot Shortage Discussion Panel at the ATAC Spring Event at 14:00 May 16th in Ottawa. The panel discussed the expected demand for pilots, the pressures on smaller operators to train and retain their pilots, and the role larger operators play in Canada’s pilot workforce. Moderated by Dan Glass of Mitchinson Flight Centre, the panel also included representatives from ALPA, Bearskin, Jazz Aviation, Porter, Sunwing, Transwest Air, and the Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre. 

CCAA Online Skills Assessment Project

CCAA is currently developing an online application that will assist aviation & aerospace workers, and those with skills transferrable from other industries, assess their technical skills. The self-assessment would be the starting point of a process for underemployed or unemployed Canadians and skilled foreign workers, to fill the shortages in the Canadian aviation and aerospace industry. Funded by Employment and Social Development Canada, (ESDC), the project will help individuals obtain employment or plan further training that is aligned with their skills, to reduce “skills-mismatch” within industry-specific occupations. Supplementing the online assessment tools will be exams for certain trades, an accelerated certification process for those not yet qualified for certain occupations, and a job matching process. This will be an industry-based recognition program, for non-regulated aviation and aerospace occupations only.