Available in French and English, all CCAA workshops are based on a national occupational standard or specific Transport Canada regulatory requirement.
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Updated Calendar: September - December 2017


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For your convenience, CCAA also offers these courses as private workshops for groups of 7 or more participants across your organization and customized to meet your requirements, and at a location of your choice. CCAA Corporate Partners benefit from a 20% discount.

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This workshop provides a detailed analysis of the steps involved in the audit process, and its importance in enhancing operational safety and improving performance to personnel with little or no auditing experience.

This very interactive workshop is both a refresher of basics and advanced audit concepts. The course uses a fictitious maintenance organization with approved policy, processes and checklists for the case study to reinforce concepts of quality assurance. Attendees should come with operational concerns and issues; be prepared to share and discuss these audit difficulties. 
*Pre-requisite: Quality Systems Auditor training or equivalent training/experience.

This workshop is intended for individuals who interact with auditors, to provide a thorough understanding of how to prepare, react and respond to an audit.



This workshop examines the fundamentals of the quality processes and procedures, and key responsibilities of the Quality Assurance Manager.

This workshop enables individuals to properly respond to audit findings. Participants will learn to develop appropriate corrective action plans.



This two-day workshop examines fatigue management in an operational environment and enables your company to design and implement an effective Fatigue Risk Management Program.

This workshop applies the clean aircraft concept to the process of de-icing, teaching participants to recognize errors and properly implement de-icing procedures.

This workshop outlines legal obligations and requirements of supervisors and applies them to the duties of employee management. It explores the role of management through interactive case studies to show that, at all levels, human factors can potentially lead to errors. 

This workshop identifies the various aspects of safety management and explains how to better develop, manage and assess effective safety management within your operation. It may be supplemented with a Webinar.

This workshop ensures workers going airside have the skills needed to work safely and avoid accidents. The program explains personal and regulatory responsibilities, and how to apply these safety and security measures to reduce incidents and accidents.

This one-day workshop details the responsibilities of the Person Responsible for Maintenance Control Systems, and how to remain compliant with regulatory requirements for this position.

This interactive workshop offered in collaboration with The Loomex Group teaches participants how to deal with all aspects of Crisis Communication during an emergency or large-scale event. Multimedia tools are used to keep participants engaged.

This workshop offered in collaboration with The Loomex Group teaches the participants the value of effective note taking. After an airport incident or event employees should assume that their documentation could be used in court, and that you will likely be interviewed as part of an investigation, an insurance claim, an inquiry, or in a review by your employer. You may later be required to testify in court, before a tribunal or at an inquiry.



This workshop demonstrates how to develop an employee training plan, using National Occupational Standards and other tools, to meet the unique needs of your organization. 

This workshop explores how to ensure ethical behaviour in the workplace. Participants will assess the legal aspects and requirements of management to understand the philosophy standards and behaviours that form an organization’s culture.

To respond to industry needs, CCAA developed a series of Executive Risk Management Briefings with a focus on liability for senior executives in the aviation and aerospace industry. The three available modules include Accountable Executive, Person Responsible for Maintenance Control and Fatigue Risk Management. All modules can be facilitated as a one day workshop at your facility, by webinar or teleconference.

This two day workshop is intended for personnel within AMOs that are encountering findings where the root cause is likely to be a lack of understanding of the roles and responsibilities and how these various roles achieve the outcome of the AMO.

This one-day workshop provides a comprehensive overview of human resource issues and challenges specif ic to small airports.



This workshop is based on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Program Administrator National Occupation Standard and emphasizes both risk management and security.  It focusses on awareness of dangerous goods requirements, knowledge, and skills directly related to transport operations. 

This workshop is the means to attain certification that proves expertise in dangerous goods program administration, for people who already know the regulations, the business, the protocols, the reference works, and the importance of corporate responsibility.