Aviation and Aerospace Orientation Program

The Aviation and Aerospace Orientation Program is an instructor guide that has been developed by CCAA, in partnership with industry, for use at the secondary school level. The program is designed to assist high schools in introducing students to the fundamental elements of aviation maintenance, and in motivating students to pursue a career in the aviation maintenance and aerospace industry.

One of the fastest growing sectors in Canada, the aviation and aerospace industry offers a wealth of career opportunities. Despite its relatively small economy, Canada boasts one of the largest aerospace producers in the world and has gained international recognition for producing and offering world-class products and services.

As the aviation and aerospace industry continues to prosper, so do the number of exciting and rewarding careers that challenge many interests and encompass both science and art. Among some of the skilled occupations are engineers, designers, mechanics, machinists, technologists, technicians and inspectors whose specializations range from physics, chemistry, hydraulics and pneumatics to metallurgy, avionics, gas dynamics and microelectronics, just to name a few.

Although there are numerous career choices, they all have similar basic requirements: the ideal candidate possesses a college diploma or university degree, as well as good computer, technical and communication skills.