Personal Logbooks

The logbooks have been created using content from CCAA’s Occupational Standards. The logbooks are used to document an individual's work experience and it attests to their capability to perform, competently and without supervision, the tasks and sub-tasks. The information contained in the logbook is then used by CCAA to provide certification. Individuals who are CCAA certified benefit from nationally recognized Occupational Standards and greater portability of skills which is also a direct advantage to the aviation and aerospace industry.

Transport Canada has also accepted CCAA logbooks (Ref: Airworthiness Notice C0013) as they relate to maintenance task experience to fulfil the requirements towards obtaining an AME license.

CCAA has developed a personal logbook for the following occupations:

  1. Aerospace Materials Specialist*
  2. Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Repair and Overhaul Technician*
  3. Aircraft Interior Technician*
  4. Aircraft Maintenance Technician
  5. Aircraft Mechanical Assembler
  6. Aircraft Propeller Systems Technician*
  7. Aircraft Reciprocating Engine Technician*
  8. Aircraft Refueller
  9. Aircraft Simulator Technician
  10. Aircraft Structures Technician*
  11. Aviation Electrical / Electronics / Instrument Component Technician* 
  12. Aviation Ground Services Attendant
  13. Aviation Machinist*
  14. Aviation Maintenance Inspector
  15. Aviation Maintenance Manager
  16. Aviation Mechanical Component Technician*
  17. Aviation Non-Destructive Inspection Technician*
  18. Aviation Painter* 
  19. Aviation Special Processes Technician*
  20. Aviation Welding Technician*
  21. Avionics Maintenance Technician
  22. Composite Fabricator
  23. Electrical / Electronic Assembler
  24. Aircraft Structures Assembler

*These standards have been recognized by Transport Canada (Ref: Airworthiness Notice C009) for personnel working in an Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO).