Corporate Partnership

The Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace (CCAA) is a national sector council that engages employers, workers, educators, professional associations and government in its work promoting skills development and addressing the demographic needs of the aviation and aerospace industry.

What we do for the Industry

CCAA works with companies to implement a specific skills development system, which includes:

  • Implementing the applicable competency standards for various occupations (trades) within the organization. CCAA has developed 29 Occupational Standards with Specific Logbooks to support the aviation and aerospace industry.
  • Training and certifying company nominated Evaluators to oversee employee skills development based on a national system.
  • Providing skilled workers with professional certification following completion of logbook.
  • Providing specific skills development in the area of Quality Assurance, Safety Management Systems, Human Factors and Management Best Practices. These courses can be delivered in company or accessed on-line.  Corporate partners can also negotiate product user licenses at preferred rates.

Direct Corporate Benefits of CCAA Skill Development System:

  • Most importantly, the CCAA system provides companies with evidence of workers and management competencies, especially useful for third party audits, insurance investigations, and contract applications.
  • Transport Canada Advisory Circular (AC) 573-003 lists CCAA standards that are recognized by Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) for technical personnel working in Approved Maintenance Organizations (AMOs).
  • Increases any Company’s professional profile as safety, security and environmental concerns are addressed in all skills certification, leading to increased worker efficiencies and overall increased company productivity.

Important Indirect Benefit of Corporate Support of CCAA:

  • CCAA developed college courses used by today’s aircraft maintenance personnel, whether aircraft, avionics or structures resulting in a national industry standard, not just the minimum licensing standard.
  • CCAA provides accreditation services to vocational training organizations to insure the industry standard is being maintained, graduates are more “ job ready”
  • CCAA manages a national labour market analysis identifying future worker and skill needs.
  • CCAA has developed a suite of youth related products including a high school STEM course to attract new workers with the right attitudes and skills to the industry.

Corporate Support provides CCAA the resources to invest in new product development as requested by industry such as training programs for Safety Management System implementation.  This support also allows CCAA to approach various government agencies for employer benefits such as wage subsidy programs for new hires.

For more information on corporate support of national skills development for the aviation and aerospace industry, please contact:  Phil Sims Director of Program Development and Corporate Services  at , or by phone at 613-727-8272 ext. 259.