FAQs for CCAA Online Training

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not a CCAA Corporate Partner, can I still take courses?

Yes, the system is available to anyone, but CCAA Corporate Partners receive a special 20% discount on pricing. Corporate Partnership starts from as little as $500 per year. See all the benefits of Corporate Partnership by clicking here.

Can I purchase courses for several people on the same card?

Yes, you can use the same card to pay for purchases for different users, but you cannot buy multiple courses on a single account and share them. All users must have an individual account and you will need to enter the payment details for each user’s individual purchase

Can I make bulk purchases on behalf of my company?

If you often purchase on behalf of others, please contact us and we can create an administrator account for you. This account enables you to buy multiple courses at once, pay in a single transaction and then distribute the courses to individuals within your company. You can also see who has completed the training you have allocated them.

How do I get a receipt for my online payment?

We will automatically e-mail you a receipt for any purchase. In addition, you can log into your order history and reprint any invoice from previous purchases.

Do I have to complete a course in one session or can I save my work?

The system automatically saves your work and you can exit at any time. When you log in, it will take you back to where you left off, but you can manually navigate to any other part of the course (that you have completed) to repeat or review a section.

What if I fail a quiz or exam?

You have the option to retake any of the quizzes or exams in the courses. Simply navigate back to the start of that module and repeat it. We do recommend that you review the relevant material prior to retaking the test.  

How do I get my certificate?

When you have completed all the modules within your course and passed any quiz or exam requirements, then you will be able to access and print your certificate. You will also be able to reprint the certificate during the validity of the course.

For how long are my purchases valid?

You have 6 months from the time of purchase to complete any course.

How can I get help?

Please call CCAA at 1-800-448-9715  or 1-613-727-8272 ext. 232. Or contact us by email.

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