Announcing a National Labour Market Strategy Day, Nov. 17, 2016

There are imbalances between the supply and demand for skilled labour in avaition and aerospace, and the skills required are changing too. New materials and new technologies, not to mention new financial realities have already led us to make incremental changes to the development and training of our workforce. But we believe that if our national industry is to remain relevant and competitive in the future, now is the time to take a hard look at how we recruit, train and develop the workforce that can make it happen. Please join us on Nov. 17th.  More

About CCAA: The Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace (CCAA) is dedicated to ensuring the Canadian aviation and aerospace industry has enough workers with the right skills to meet industry needs. CCAA works with all segments of the industry to develop tools and solutions for specific skills and demographic needs of this industry: air transport, MRO, aerospace manufacturing, training organizations, airports and specializations such as the transport of dangerous goods. More