Materials Specialists employed by maintenance organizations, equipment manufacturers and airline operators. The duties and responsibilities of the Aerospace Materials Specialist include receiving, stocking, moving and issuing parts and components in routine and AOG situations, and maintaining the inventory of stores items. Advanced level Aerospace Materials Specialists are also responsible for the receiving, stocking, moving and issuing of dangerous goods according to Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act (TDGA) requirements, and have responsibility for customs documentation, quarantine stores procedures and maintaining critical stores.

Aerospace Materials Specialists are thoroughly familiar with safe work practices, and rules and regulations that apply to their work.


Certification Requirements

To qualify for certification with CCAA, the applicant must possess the necessary knowledge and skills and have successfully performed the required mandatory tasks and sub-tasks within the logbook. The certification is divided into two (2) levels. Level I tasks represent the basic certification requirement that all candidates must meet. Level II certification requires the completion of additional mandatory tasks.

In addition, all applicants for Level I must acquire a minimum of twelve (12) months experience in the occupation, based on full-time employment. Registrants seeking Level II certification must acquire twenty-four (24) months experience.

The tasks in the logbook were made as generic as possible to accommodate the largest amount of work environments and equipment / tools but do not necessarily cover all tasks performed by individuals.


Tasks Common to Most Aerospace Materials Specialists

(note that sub-tasks for each task are not shown below)

Block A — Safety and Security
Task 1 – Demonstrates Safe Working Practices and Techniques
Task 2 – Observe Security Measures

Block B — Basic Knowledge
Task 3 – Apply General Industry Knowledge to Perform Job Function
Task 4 – Apply Customer Service Concepts
Task 5 – Perform Office Procedures

Block C — Handling Parts and Materials
Task 6 – Receive Parts and Materials
Task 7 – Stock Parts and Materials
Task 8 – Move Parts and Materials
Task 9 – Issue Parts and Materials
Task 10 – Ship Parts and Materials
Task 11 – Maintain Inventory of Stores Items
Task 12 – Perform Aircraft on Ground Procedures