The Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Repair and Overhaul Technician’s primary responsibilities include:

  • repair and overhaul of gas turbine engines
  • rebuilding gas turbine engines
  • balancing components and assemblies
  • testing and troubleshooting gas turbine engines, and
  • inspecting gas turbine engine components and assemblies

In some companies, the job of the gas turbine engine repair and overhaul technician is broken down into three roles, namely inspection, disassembly / assembly and testing. The scope of the analysis, therefore, may be divided into multi-level skills depending upon company policies which would result in graduates being required to perform only a portion of the tasks listed in the analysis, while in other instances they would perform all of them.

This occupation occurs primarily in power plant shops of larger airlines, independent repair and overhaul shops and the repair and overhaul shops of engine manufacturers.


Certification Requirements

To qualify for certification with CCAA, the applicant must possess the necessary knowledge and skills and have acquired a minimum of thirty-six (36) months in the occupation. The tasks in the logbook were made as generic as possible to accommodate the largest amount of work environments and equipment / tools but do not necessarily cover all tasks performed by individuals.

CCAA will apply credit for completion of a CCAA accredited Gas Turbine Engine Repair and Overhaul course as part of the minimum thirty-six (36) months, on a month to month basis, up to a maximum of twelve (12) months.


Tasks Common To Most Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Repair and Overhaul Technicians
(note that sub-tasks for each task are not shown below)

Block A — Safety
Task 1 – Demonstrates Safe Working Practices and Techniques

Block B — Engine Inspection (Incoming)
Task 2 – Removes Engine from Shipping Container or Stand
Task 3 – Conducts Visual Inspection
Task 4 – Verifies Documentation
Task 5 – Prepares for Disassembly

Block C — Engine Disassembly
Task 6 – Removes Engine Externals
Task 7 – Disassembles Engine into Modules / Sections
Task 8 – Disassembles Modules / Sections / External Accessories Task 9 - Cleans Parts, Modules and Sections

Block D — Parts, Modules and Sections Inspection
Task 10 – Verifies Documentation for Inspection
Task 11 – Conducts Inspections
Task 12 – Prepares Rework Procedures
Task 13 – Conducts Minor Rework Procedures
Task 14 – Conducts Final Inspection of Components and Parts

Block E — Engine Assembly
Task 15 – Verifies Documentation for Engine Assembly
Task 16 – Assembles Parts into Sub-Assemblies
Task 17 – Assembles Sub-Assemblies into Modules and/or Sections
Task 18 – Re-Assembles Modules and/or Sections into Engine
Task 19 – Installs External Accessories
Task 20 – Completes Engine-Build Documentation

Block F — Engine Testing
Task 21 – Conducts Pre-Test Inspection
Task 22 – Prepares Engine for Testing
Task 23 – Test-Runs Engine
Task 24 – Removes Test Equipment
Task 25 – Conducts Post-Test Inspection

Block G — Engine Dispatch
Task 26 – Prepares Engine for Shipping