An Aircraft Propeller Systems Technician works on propeller components on and off the aircraft and is involved in the repair, overhaul, modification, inspection, and testing of aircraft propeller components.

This Occupational Standard lists all of the tasks which an Aircraft Propeller Systems Technician should be able to perform anywhere in Canada. However, different employers and various parts of the country may work in a more specialized area of the occupation.

The Aircraft Propeller Systems Technician is thoroughly familiar with safe work practices and the rules and regulations affecting the individual's work and work place. The technician is involved in the set-up and operation of tools and equipment, as well as some semi-automatic processes. The technician should possess a high level of manual dexterity and a strong interest in aircraft systems. The individual must be able to work with others cooperatively and follow directives precisely.

Certification Requirements

To qualify for certification with CCAA, the applicant must possess the necessary knowledge and skills and have acquired a minimum of sixty (60) months in the occupation. Certification will also be granted with thirty-six (36) months of experience in the occupation and twenty-four (24) months of experience in any other occupation recognized by CCAA.

Technicians holding a P41 licence are exempt from completing the logbook, but must send a copy of their current licence with their application.

The tasks in the logbook were made as generic as possible to accommodate the largest amount of work environments and equipment / tools but do not necessarily cover all tasks performed by individuals.

Tasks Common to Most Aircraft Propeller Systems Technicians
(note that sub-tasks for each task are not shown below)

Block A — Safety
Task 1 – Demonstrates Safe Working Practices and Techniques

Block B — Inspection of Incoming Shipment
Task 2 – Checks Propeller Container for Damage
Task 3 – Confirms Shipment of Propeller Components, Sub-Assemblies and Assembly
Task 4 – Unpacks Assembly, Sub-Assemblies and Components

Block C — Documentation
Task 5 – Identifies Scope of Work
Task 6 – Prepares Work Order

Block D — Inspection and Testing
Task 7 – Verifies Problem in Propeller Component, Sub-Assemblies and Assembly
Task 8 – Inspects Propeller Component, Sub-Assemblies and Assembly
Task 9 – Tests Propeller Component, Sub-Assemblies and Assembly
Task 10 – Distributes Propeller Component, Sub-Assemblies and Assembly

Block E — Repair/Overhaul of Propeller Systems
Task 11 – Disassembles Propeller Assembly, Sub-Assemblies and Components
Task 12 – Cleans Propeller Assembly, Sub-Assemblies and Components
Task 13 – Strips Propeller Assembly, Sub-Assemblies and Components
Task 14 – Estimates Cost for Repairing Propeller Assembly, Sub-Assemblies and Components
Task 15 – Reworks Propeller Assembly, Sub-Assemblies and Components
Task 16 – Replaces Propeller Components
Task 17 – Refinishes Propeller Parts and Components
Task 18 – Assembles Propeller Components
Task 19 – Tests Propeller Components
Task 20 – Distributes Propeller Components

Block F — Overhaul of Propeller Systems
Task 21 – Reworks Composite and Wood Propeller Components
Task 22 – Reworks Metal Propeller Blades
Task 23 – Reworks Propeller Hub Assembly Components
Task 24 – Reworks Propeller Actuator Components
Task 25 – Reworks Propeller Control Components
Task 26 – Reworks Propeller Anti and De-Icing Systems

Block G — Final Inspection
Task 27 – Verifies Scope of Work
Task 28 – Visually Inspects Propeller Components
Task 29 – Prepares Certification Documentation
Task 30 – Distributes Propeller Components

Block H — Shipping of Propeller System
Task 31 – Prepares Propeller Systems for Shipping
Task 32 – Packages Propeller System