Aircraft Reciprocating Engine Technician

Aircraft Reciprocating Engine Technicians receive piston engines from customers, disassemble, clean, inspect, rework parts, assemble and test these engines and their manufacturer installed components and accessories and prepare them for shipment.

These technicians are thoroughly familiar with safe work practices, the rules and regulations, and the quality assurance systems affecting their work and workplace.

Certification Requirements

To qualify for certification with CCAA, the applicant must possess the necessary knowledge and skills and have acquired a minimum of forty-eight (48) months in the occupation. At least twelve (12) of these months must be immediately prior to application.

Technicians holding a P42 licence are exempt from completing the logbook, but must send a copy of their current licence with their application.

The tasks in the logbook were made as generic as possible to accommodate the largest amount of work environments and equipment / tools but do not necessarily cover all tasks performed by individuals.

Tasks Common to Most Aircraft Reciprocating Engine Technicians
(note that sub-tasks for each task are not shown below)

Block A — Safety
Task 1 – Demonstrates Safe Working Practices and Techniques

Block B — Standard Work Practices
Task 2 – Applies Rules, Regulations and Quality Assurance Policies
Task 3 – Identifies Engines and Components
Task 4 – Completes Tasks to Selected Standards
Task 5 – Selects and Operates Appropriate Tools and Equipment
Task 6 – Removes Engine and/or Accessories from Container
Task 7 – Verifies Delivery Condition of Engines and Accessories
Task 8 – Completes Work Order
Task 9 – Prepares Engines and/or Accessories for Shipping

Block C — Disassembly of Engine and/or Accessories
Task 10 – Removes and Tags Components such as Exhaust System, Hoses and Baffles
Task 11 – Removes and Tags Accessories
Task 12 – Removes and Tags Cylinders and/or Heads and Related Parts
Task 13 – Disassembles Engine Accessories
Task 14 – Disassembles Cylinder and/or Head
Task 15 – Disassembles Power Section and Related Parts
Task 16 – Disassembles Reduction Section
Task 17 – Disassembles Accessory Section and/or Super Charger

Block D — Cleaning
Task 18 – Cleans Engine Parts Using Chemicals
Task 19 – Cleans Parts Using Abrasive Materials
Task 20 – Polishes and Buffs Parts

Block E — Inspection
Task 21 – Plans Inspection
Task 22 – Inspects Parts Visually
Task 23 – Inspects Parts for Dimensional Defects
Task 24 – Balances Parts and Assemblies
Task 25 – Arranges for Nondestructive Inspection
Task 26 – Tests Assemblies
Task 27 – Replaces / Orders Parts

Block F — Rework and /or Modification
Task 28 – Assembles Parts Using Thermal Expansion Techniques
Task 29 – Machines Parts
Task 30 – Restores Parts and Assemblies to Serviceable Condition
Task 31 – Surface Treats Parts, Components, Assemblies and Engines

Block G — Assembly
Task 32 – Assembles Power Section
Task 33 – Assembles Reduction Section
Task 34 – Assembles Accessory Section and/or Super Charger
Task 35 – Assembles Cylinders / Heads and Related Parts
Task 36 – Assembles Accessories and Components
Task 37 – Assembles Engines

Block H — Shipping of Propeller System
Task 38 – Prepares Engines for Test
Task 39 – Tests Engine
Task 40 – Services Engine After Test