Aviation Painters are involved in the preparation, painting and marking of aircraft and aerospace components. This includes newly manufactured and repainted aircraft.

These technicians are thoroughly familiar with safe work practices and the rules and regulations affecting their work and workplace. They are involved in the set-up and operation of tools and equipment. They must possess a high level of manual dexterity and a strong interest in aircraft painting. They must also be able to work with others co-operatively and follow directives precisely.

Certification Requirements

To qualify for certification with CCAA, the applicant must possess the necessary knowledge and skills and have acquired a minimum of 5,000 hours or thirty-six (36) months in the occupation.

The tasks in the logbook were made as generic as possible to accommodate the largest amount of work environments and equipment / tools but do not necessarily cover all tasks performed by individuals. CCAA will apply credit for completion of a CCAA accredited Aviation Painter course as part of the minimum thirty-six (36) months, on a month to month basis.

Tasks Common to Most Aviation Painters
(note that sub-tasks for each task are not shown below)

Block A — Safety
Task 1 – Demonstrates Safe Working Practices and Techniques

Block B — Planning
Task 2 – Estimates / Scopes Work
Task 3 – Orders / Selects Materials
Task 4 – Organizes Staff / Work Schedules
Task 5 – Prepares Work Area for Job
Task 6 – Prepares Ground Support Equipment such as Stands, Scissor Lifts, Scaffolding, Ladders and Dollies

Block C — Preparation of Surface
Task 7 – Cleans Aircraft, Parts and Components for Inspection
Task 8 – Strips Surface of Aircraft, Parts and Components
Task 9 – Sands Surface of Aircraft, Parts and Components
Task 10 – Detail Strips and Cleans Aircraft, Parts and Components
Task 11 – Removes Minor Surface Corrosion on Aircraft, Parts and Components
Task 12 – Fills Dents in Aircraft, Parts and Components
Task 13 – Blends Out Scratches on Aircraft, Parts and Components
Task 14 – Applies Sealer to Seams and Joints
Task 15 – Etches Metal and Applies Chemical Conversion Coatings

Block D — Application of Coatings
Task 16 – Masks Aircraft, Parts and Components for Application of Coatings
Task 17 – Prepares Coating Materials
Task 18 – Blows and Tacks Surface to Remove Dusts Prior to Coating
Task 19 – Applies Coatings

Block E — Equipment Maintenance
Task 20 – Maintains and Repairs Coating Application Equipment
Task 21 – Verifies Operation of Ground Support Equipment
Task 22 – Verifies Operation of Ventilation Equipment
Task 23 – Verifies Operation of Compressed Air Source
Task 24 – Maintains Personal Protective Equipment
Task 25 – Verifies Operation of Fresh Air Breathing System

Block F — Test Panel Production
Task 26 – Identifies Test Panel Requirements

Block G — Quality Control
Task 27 – Records Coating Documentation of Preparation and Application
Task 28 – Evaluates Finished Product and Completed Job According to Customer Specifications