CCAA will be presenting a live online Virtual Workshop for Corrective Action Plans (CAP) Training 

Date: 2 Half Days on October 1st & 3rd, 2024 from 9:00am to 1:00pm (MST).   

Course content:

Day 1 – 4 hours

  • Review of the basic concepts of management systems
  • Review of the fundamentals of Quality Assurance
  • An explanation of what constitutes a finding and what are the required components that a finding requires to make it valid.
  • Discussion on what constitutes short term corrective and what elements should be considered when developing effective short term corrective action.
  • Discussion of Root Cause Analysis with an overview of three basic methods, how to use them and what benefits and limitations they each have.

              The three basic methods discussed are:

  • 5 Why’s
  • Ishikawa Diagrams
  • Cause and Effect

Day 2 – 4 hours

  • Discussion on the proper development of long-term preventive action and the importance of proper follow up.
  • Review of the Transport Canada CAP Form with a focus on the specific items that Transport Canada is looking for including Transport Canada specific items. This discussion explanations on the differences between generic corrective action plan activities and how it compares with what Transport Canada expects an operator to do

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