CCAA will be presenting a live Virtual Workshop for Business Skills Training-Critical and Creative Thinking

Date: Two X 2 Hour sessions on March 6th & 8th, 2024 from 11:00am to 1:00pm (EST).

Critical thinking and creative thinking are skills that are valued in every organization. In this module, you will define and consider the similarities between both and consider how they can be used to troubleshoot problems.

Successful completion of this module will enable the learner to:

  • Define critical thinking and its basic principles.
  • Practice critical thinking techniques that can be readily used to troubleshoot.
  • Define creative thinking and the basic principles of creativity.
  • Practice creative thinking techniques that can be readily used to troubleshoot.
  • Examine the differences and similarities between critical and creative thinking.
  • Outline predispositions toward critical or creative thinking.
  • Discuss the concepts of situational application of thinking and apply them to several examples.

Price: $199.00 plus taxes ( Regular Price) $159.00 plus taxes ( CCAA Partner Price)

Contact: Sohini Famili, CCAA’s Manager of Skills Development & Partnership- 613-727-8272 ext. 232 or