The CCAA has partnered with Magnet and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada to deliver the aviation and aerospace industry an exciting new subsidy to assist with digital adaptation.

The Boost Your Business Technology grant helps small and medium-sized businesses adopt new digital technologies.  Eligible businesses can:

  • Use a free digital assessment tool to evaluate your business’s digital readiness.
  • Get a grant of up to $15,000 to consult a digital expert and develop a digital adoption plan for your business.
  • Get up to $100,000 in interest-free loans from BDC to implement your digital adoption plan.
  • Leverage a subsidized work placement of up to $7,300 to bring on a youth to help with your digital transformation.

You can get funding through CDAP if your business:

  • agrees to participate in follow-up surveys, share data about the experience, and have its name published as a grant recipient
  • is a for-profit business (including for-profit social enterprises and co-operatives)
  • is registered or incorporated
  • is consumer-facing (sells goods and services directly to end consumers)
  • has at least one employee (other than the owner) OR had at least $30,000 in annual revenue in the most recent tax year
  • commits to maintaining a digital adoption strategy for six months

This program is designed to help grow Canadian businesses! Learn more at: Boost Your Business Technology Grant | Get up to $15,000 (