Employers, get up to $12,000 with CCAA Jumpstart!

CCAA Jumpstart is a limited-time program that offers employers up to $12,000 in wage subsidies when they hire new graduates and give them their first meaningful work experience.

The Council’s Jumpstart Program is an important CCAA-ESDC initiative for the for the aviation and aerospace industry that helps youth overcome barriers to employment and helps them develop the broad range of skills and knowledge they need to participate in the current and future labour markets. The program is open to all new graduates, with a focus on young women and underrepresented youth.

Employers will receive 50% of gross wages, up to the provincial minimum wage. Gross wages do not include expenses or other ancillary payments. The subsidy ends when it has reached the $12,000 maximum subsidy payout. To qualify for this significant wage subsidy:

Participant Requirements:

  • Between 15 and 30 years of age inclusive.
  • Legally able to work in Canada.
  • A recent graduate from post-secondary education.
  • The participant's first work experience after graduation from their field of study.

Work experience must:

  • Most likely lead to full-time employment, with a minimum of 12 weeks of quality work experience.
  • Be in the field of study of the participant.
  • Be in an aviation or aerospace company, or airport.
  • Take place in Canada.

Easy Steps:

  • Provide brief details to CCAA. (job title, participant’s field of study, start date)
  • CCAA will send a link to required forms. (employer will complete and arrange for participant to complete, then submit to CCAA)
  • CCAA will review, approve, and send confirmation. (applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note: an application may be refused in order to meet the required project demographic objectives)
  • On approval, employer provides documents to support their application.
  • CCAA and employer sign a contract and agree to a payment schedule. (employers provide copies of participant pay slips to support their subsidy claims)

Employers and Participants must:

Employer and participants must agree to provide progress updates if requested, and participate in a final survey

Registration is simple and easy.  Click the link below, complete the brief application and submit.  That’s it!

English forms:

French forms:

The CCAA Jumpstart Coordinator will contact you to finalize details and complete the application process.