The federal government announced over $39 million in funding under its new Sectoral Workforce Solutions Program to the Canadian Council of Aviation and Aerospace’s (CCAA) Industry Led Training Program (ILTP) for the aviation and aerospace sector. 

The ILTP project will produce over 2000 hours of new digitized training content that will equip employers with the tools they need to provide on-the-job training for its workers. This program is the first of its kind in Canada and will expand the pathways available for workers to enter the aerospace and aviation sector.  This innovative program would not be possible without the support of this investment. 

We are proud to introduce the first part of this ground-breaking initiative, The Foundations Training Program (FTP). 


Foundations Training Program

The FTP is an essential component of the CCAA's Industry Led Training Program, ensuring that Canadian aviation and aerospace organizations have the tools they need to rapidly onboard and upskill their workforce. 

The Foundations Training Program (FTP) is a 12-week program developed for workers new to the aviation and aerospace industry, or workers wanting to increase their understanding of the industry. 

This program’s unique structure provides a basic training as well as encouraging the learner to select elective courses based on their own learning need, while still obtaining the same base knowledge as other graduates from the program. 

FTP consists of multiple delivery methods including online, virtual, classroom or on-the-job training. The FTP is suitable for participants with or without post-secondary education. Participants enrolled by their organization will gain insight into various roles within the industry and develop foundational knowledge for a new or changing career path within aviation or aerospace. This program will ensure that aviation and aerospace organizations can be confident about the skills and qualifications of their workforce. 

  • FTP can be completed at no cost to the participant/employer and wage subsidy may be available, until March 31, 2024
  • It is not a requirement to enroll into the whole program to participate, courses are offered individually. However, to obtain a certificate stating that the participant has completed the Foundations Training Program, the minimum program requirement must be met.

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