Virtual Workshop Description:

Explain the requirements of an FRMS, review the prescriptive regulations, and discuss the use of Safety Cases to apply for exemptions from the prescriptive requirements 

Course Content: 

Day 1 - 4 Hours

Module 1

  • A review of the latest fatigue related prescriptive regulations being implemented. This module will also look at the various requirements for documenting and recording work related activities.

Day 2 - 4 Hours

Module 2

  • This module will look at the components and requirements of establishing a formal Fatigue Risk Management Program. The implementation of an FRMS is only required if the operator wishes to apply for exemptions to the prescriptive regulations. Therefore, this module will highlight the pros and cons involved and look at the potential benefits and workload associated with the full FRMS implementation. This will better equip an operator to make the final decision as to whether they should implement a full FRMS or simply work within the prescriptive regulations.

Module 3

  • This module will explain what a Safety Case is, the steps that are needed to develop one and how to apply for an exemption. Using examples from various sectors, we will take you through the process from initial development and start up, to application and ongoing requirements once an exemption is granted.


Upon completion of this virtual workshop, participants will have the knowledge to establish an FRMS and develop safety cases in order to request exemptions to the prescriptive regulations. 


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