Virtual Workshop Description:

This virtual workshop is spread over 2 full days and provides a comprehensive overview of the role and responsibilities of the Quality Systems Auditor. The workshop will be conducted over a three-day period with online training sessions taking place on the first and last day. In between will be some exercises that will be completed by the candidate and submitted to the facilitator for review and discussion, one on one at a later time and date. Please note a final exam will take place on the final day corrected to 100%

Course Content: 

Day 1-8 Hours

  • Review of Quality Assurance fundamentals and concepts
  • Explanation of audit preparation activities including:
    • Audit planning and authorization
    • Audit scheduling
    • Audit checklist development
    • Sampling methods and establishing finding thresholds
    • Using risk management to assist in establishing audit sampling criteria

Day 2-8 Hours

  • On site activities including:
    • Conducting entry and exit meetings
    • On-going communication strategies
    • Records review techniques
    • Interview techniques
  • Developing findings
  • Corrective action plan review
  • Audit close out activities


Upon the successful completion of this virtual workshop, participants will possess a thorough understanding of the key elements of an audit and how to properly conduct the audit both effectively and efficiently 


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