Virtual Workshop Description: 

This Safety Management Systems Manager (SMS) Virtual Workshop is spread over 2 half days and is designed to familiarize the candidate to the various roles, responsibilities, and duties of a Safety Management Systems Manager

Participants are encouraged to have prior safety officer experience before enrolling in the SMS Virtual Workshop

Course Content: 

Day 1 - 4 Hours

  • Historical perspective on safety Management
  • Explanation of the requirements and structure of an SMS program
  • Discussion of the SMS business case and the financial implications of an SMS program
  • Review of how to conduct a Gap Analysis and prepare a Coherence Matrix
  • Review of the Safety Flow and how it guides the daily activities of the program
  • Review of how to conduct safety investigations

Day 2 - 4 Hours

  • Explanation of the methodology used to complete effective corrective action plans
  • Discussion on the inter connectivity of a SMS program and a Quality Assurance program
  • Review of Occupational Safety and Health requirements in aviation and how they relate to the SMS program
  • Discussion of safety promotion and different methods that can be used. The benefits and limitation of each method will be discussed
  • Review of how to measure the effectiveness of the SMS program
  • Review of SMS implementation issues and what an key elements an implementation workplan should have


Upon completion of this virtual workshop, participants will possess a thorough understanding of the key elements of a Safety Management System and how to develop, establish and manage the program. 


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